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Our 13 week old F7 SBT arrived last night from Lori at Manjaro Cats. We already love him so much, his pictures don't even come close to doing him justice. 


You can tell he was very well socialized by Lori and her family. He's super friendly, great with our 5 year old, purrs like crazy, and twice already he's curled up right next to me to take a nap. I'd HIGHLY recommend MANJARO CATS to anybody and if we didn't already have a currently 3 week old F5 SBT reserved and paid for before we found them, we would have gotten our second Savannah from them as well.




Hi Lori. Nancy here. I’m writing to give you an update on Ethan, and to let you know he’s absolutely wonderful.  He is every bit the love bug that you said he was.  He has the run of the house now, and he and Calli (my nine month bengal) play endlessly.  My 16 year old Bengal thanks you also,  He’s taken allot of pressure off him.  My family is complete.  I can’t thank you enough.  You have done such a wonderful job raising these kittens. I don’t know if there is such a thing as the perfect kitten, but I think I’ve got him.  Thank you again.  By the way, he wasn’t the one to start torturing the roll of toilet, Calli started it, and he decided to get into the game.  Nancy S


Hi Lori,

It took Abelo no time at all to settle in and make himself right at home. He’s getting along great with the other cats, and has found a best friend in our youngest Himalayan, Dexter. The two of them are thick as thieves, and barely leave each other’s sides. Turns out Abelo is a real lover, one of the most affectionate cats I have ever met in my life – he just wants to be around us whenever we are home, and sleeps right in between Kristin and I most nights.

He’s an active little guy, too – though he’s really not that little any more… almost 9 pounds at just under 6 months old, and healthy as a horse (with the appetite of one, too). There’s definitely no shortage of energy with him!

I’ve attached a few pictures so you can see how he’s grown – he is such a handsome kitty.  We keep checking your website and looking at all the newbies – so beautiful! There may be another Savannah in our future, once Abelo grows out of this rambunctious kitten phase, of course.

Enjoy the pics – talk soon.

Marc & Kristin



I have tell you, they are just great cats and have been adjusting just fine.  My hat is off to you, you are doing a great job!  They have very good temperaments and are very healthy and active.  They really are so close and love each other.  Loki is more brave, but Zulu will just love to give you sugar.   We had our first object knocked off a counter this weekend but that is par for the course with active cats.  Stacy is so very happy.  Here are some great shots from yesterday.


Hi Lori, it's Ann.  Just wanted to update you on Kenya...Krazy Kenya as we have affectionately named her!  She is such a joy.  Of the three kittens we have gotten, she is definitely the one with the best disposition and full of personality.  Totally confidant.  She is the first one to explore new things without hesitation and loves everyone she meets.  There are no "strangers" with her.  Her new trick is to jump on my back when I am cleaning the litter box.  She is so proud to sit on my back or shoulder!  I just love her to death!  Thank you for breeding such wonderful Savannahs.  I hope our babies are as outgoing and lovable as what you are producing!

Ann Hilton


Hi Lori
Just wanted to let you know that things are going great with Nuru and Bomani, they are both so sweet and seem to really be having fun playing with us and each other. We are really enjoying them and you deserve all the credit for how wonderful that they turned out.
My Best,


Just so you know, Omari is one of our best cats ever. I just wanted to reiterate what a wonderful job you've done with his line. His temperament is extraordinary! We love him so much! He amazes me everyday. He gets along with ALL and plays nice with the little ones. We couldn't be happier with him. Is his temperment the same with all of your cats? He's the only one we received that came out of cage purring and open arms…literally! Thank you. XOXO, Jennifer Simper & Marlon Azada


The last year has been awesome! The 3 of us have grown as a family and I have enjoyed these 2 completely! They are great pets and I love them! Thank you so much for your help!                               

- Jason-Utah


My name is Jacquelyn Cherie Owens. My Mother and I bought two babies from Lori... Kaiya Nellaina and Phantom. Lori is an absolutely AMAZINGLY wonderful breeder!!!!! Our babies are AMAZING and have the sweetest personalities! I would hands down recommend buying from Lori!!!!! We keep in touch with her and send pictures and videos to show her how fast they are growing and how happy we are with them. Lori is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!


We are so in love with Moegli!  He is an amazing kitten or cat-dog as we like to call him.  Unlike typically aloof cats, he wants to be everywhere we are, he fetches, and insists on sitting on my lap and looking out the window when we drive to Cape Cod. He's a hoot! ~N


' Honestly, I never expected any animal, of any sort, to be THIS tolerant of such an active toddler – in one of the attached pictures, Sabine is actually asleep, while Karson is giving her a hug/kiss (something we are “practicing” doing gently – even toddler kisses/hugs can be rough) and in the other picture with Karson, I was reading him a book, and Sabine decided she wanted a belly rub J.  She also enjoys water (sinks, showers, tubs), so after the kids were done with a bath, she hopped in – as cute as it is with all 3 of them in the tub (2 kids + Sabine)…no pictures.


She is what we call a “cat-dog” – so much so, that she eagerly eats the food scraps dropped on the floor (inevitable with Karson), so we put her in a room while we eat.  She seems to be an incredible quick learner (dare I say…smart?!) and we are teaching her to stay off our kitchen counters – right now she needs a chair to get on the counter (or so she thinks), but it won’t be long before she’s able to jump floor to counter.


She really has fit seamlessly into our energetic and chaotic family!





Dear Lori,

I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to finally have and own 2 Savannah cats! My dream has finally come true! Thank you so much!

Ruben Black and Vincent Von Silver

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