Nafari F6c


Renny F6c






What can I say about Manjaro?

Named after Mt. Kilimanjaro, he is king.

Rock solid with dark brown spots on a golden background,

and a leather nose to compliment his amazing savannah features.

His personality is just as amazing as his looks.

Incredibly sweet and affectionate (always laying on my head).

He loves giving attention as much as receiving it.





Kibo is named after one of the peaks on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

He has a nice golden background with huge black spots.

Kibo is a clown, always entertaining us and he loves to tease the other cats and even the family dog with his crazy cat antics.

Manjaro Cats Savannahs has

had the privilege been

featured on the cover of

Savannahs Illustrated Magazine



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