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Savannah cats are a spotted breed of domestic cat, with an elegantly tall, slender, and long body frame.  The breed originates from an African Serval bred with a domestic cat.  The first generation of Savannah cats are referred to as 'F1' for first generation, and are 50% serval.  An F1 female bred to a domestic or savannah male produces the second generation, referred to as F2s (25-27% serval).  Similarly, an F2 savannah female bred to another male produces F3s (12.5-14% serval).  And so on.

Savannah cats are much more social than your average housecat and their behavior is commonly compared to that of a dog.  Playing a game of fetch, learning to walk on a leash and splashing in the bath tub is not at all unusual behavior for a Savannah cat.  They are a very loyal breed and will usually follow their human companions around the house.  Savannahs are athletic and extremely agile with amazing jumping abilities, sometimes jumping over 8 feet high!  Always looking for interaction, their playful antics will most certainly keep you entertained.  Savannahs get along well with children and dogs—as well as other cats—and would make a great addition to any family looking for an incomparable cat both in appearance and personality.

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