Caring for Your Savannah Kitten         The First Days at Home 


The time has finally come for your new Savannah Kitten to arrive and you find yourself with many unanswered questions during the first few days. How much should I be feeding him? Is she using the litterbox enough? When is the right time to introduce him to my other pets? 


Typically through my conversations with new pet parents these topics are always covered but with the excitement of your new Savannah Kitten arriving, kitten fever has taken over and we can't seem to remember a thing. 


I created this list for you to read before your Savannah Kitten arrives and to review after your kittens arrival so you can be fully prepared for those first few days caring for your Savannah Kitten.


Please feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom of the page if you would like me to cover a specific topic.


The first days at home


The transition to a new home can be quite unsettling for a young kitten so keeping his new environment as stress free as possible should be a priority.

A small to medium sized room should be prepared in advance for your new kitten to get accustomed to the sounds and scents of your house, complete with food, water, litter, bed, and enrichment toys.


It is recommended that your kitten stay in this 'quarantine' room for his first two weeks, especially if you have other animals in the home. This will help eliminate the typical routes of bacterial and viral infections that can sometimes be passed to one another when pets are stressed.


Feeding your Savannah Kitten


Kittens spend their first 4-5 weeks exclusivly nursing off mom. They will usually begin tasting solid food around 5 weeks old, all the while continuing to nurse for the extra nutrients and comfort. Kittens are not fully weaned until they reach 8 weeks old so by the time they arrive at their new home at 10-12 weeks old they are eating a healthy diet of Solid Gold Oceans 5 canned food and Solid Gold Indigo Moon Grain Free Kitten dry food.


I feed my kittens canned food 2-3 times per day, as much as they will eat, and I leave dry food out for free feeding.

Don't be afraid of overfeeding your kitten. Cats in general typically self regulate their diets and don't overeat the way that a dog sometimes will. Kittens grow rapidly at this age and they need all those calories to fuel their everlasting Savannah energy.


I always choose grain free because cats do not metabolize grain they way humans do so there is no need for it in a cats diet. I have found these brands of food to be well accepted by all of my Savannahs, as well as being easy for new kitten owners to resource online at sites like

I suggest feeding your new kitten the same food for at least the first three weeks to prevent any digestive issues and if you decide to switch foods please do so gradually over 7-10 days time.


Remember to keep fresh water out for your cat at all times as well. I always keep multiple water bowls out for the cats but I notice that I rarely see my cats drink out of their regular water bowls.


That changed dramatically when I introduced them to a fountain style water bowl. The first one I purchased was an inexpensive store brand that was made out of plastic and the water ran down a spout then into the bowl. It did the job and the cats drank from it but I wasn't very impressed with the look, or quality, especially in a multi-cat household.


Then I invested in a First of all, the size is perfect. More than one cat can drink at a time and it's even large enough if your dog wants to drink from it. The water flow is adjustable so you can switch it up every now and them to keep your Savannah interested. My cats were equally impressed with this fountain because it is large enough that they can swat and play in the water. My cats will do this for hours on end which is very entertaining to watch. I just keep it on an absorbable mat to help keep the water off the floor. I've had the same unit for over three years now so needless to say that the quality is unmatched. Stainless Steel Fountain

Litter Boxes and Litter


Kittens will start investigating the litter box as soon as they become mobile, around 3 weeks old. Therefore I always keep a standard sized litter box for them so that they can get in and out easily.

Once they turn about 6 weeks old and can jump in and out easily, I opt for a covered litter box like Clevercat. Reason being is that Savannahs love to dig and I have found that my cats will dig forever until the box is empty and the litter is all over the floor, and a covered litter box most definately eliminates this.


Young kittens also like to lick and taste everything, including the litter, which makes any kind of clay clumping litter a huge no-no for kittens when they are first learning about their world.

While I have never experienced this first hand, there have been reports of kittens injesting small amounts of clay clumping litter which resulted in intestinal blockages that could have been fatal.


My litter of choice for young kittens is Feline Pine non-clumping pine pellets. It is virtually dust free, fresh smelling and all natural. You simply scoop the solid waste and the wet waste turns to saw dust which settles to the bottom. You just dump the entire box every couple of days, depending on how many cats you have sharing the same litter box.


My all time favorite box that I use in the main living area that my adult cats and older kittens use is the Litter Robot. This box far surpasses any other self cleaning box out there. Not only is it a super cool conversation piece, you literally NEVER need to scoop litter. Simply empty the lined waste tray weekly, refill, and you're good to go!


Litter Robot has recently come out with a WiFi enabled Litter Robot so you can view the waste drawer level, get real-time status updates, monitor your cat’s litter box usage, and manage your Litter-Robot settings, all from your smartphone. They even offer a 90 day money back guarantee. Use this link to receive $25 off your unit, I know you won't be disappointed with this.


Cat Trees and Toys


My cats love their cat trees. I can always find some of them perched on top napping away or running wild through the tunnels and climbing the sissel rope trunk!


The trouble is finding a cat tree that is sturdy enough for such an energetic, athletic cat, without the shelves coming loose or the whole thing simply falling apart.


I have found some incredibly beautiful cat trees out there that run upwards of $1500 but I can't see to committing to such an extravagent purchase and I don't know many cat owners who are willing to dish out that kind of money on a cat tree.


I have had great luck with these Cat Trees and Condos. I periodically have to re-tighten the shelving but all in all these hold up well as well as look nice pretty much anywhere in your home.


Savannahs can and will turn anything into a play toy. Dirty socks, balled up paper or your brand new headphones are all fair game to yor Savannah if left accessible so please put these items away and invest in some fun, irresistible and safe toys for your cat to play with.


My cats love to play and hide in the The Ripple Rug. It's simply two large pieces of washable carpet material that attatch together with velcro. The bottom piece lays flat and the top piece has holes cut into it so you can create tunnels and pockets for your cat to crawl through and hide in. I assure you that your cat will have a blast! I sometimes sprinkle some catnip on it and watch the cats go crazy!


The best cat nip toys I've found are the Yeowww! toys. Made much sturdier than the average cat nip toy these things will last and your Savannah will never accept another cat nip filled toy again. They come in large banana shapes, sardines, balls and all come in wild and fun colors.




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