Savannah Kittens Available


Manjaro Cats is a world renowned, TICA registered breeder that specializes in producing high quality F6 and F7 Savannah kittens. Through the years our kittens have been sought after for their high generation looks and have been placed in breeding programs and pet homes around the world.

Our Savannah Kittens arrive at their new home with a health guarantee, age appropriate vaccinations and vet certified health certificate. 




Luna x King Obsidian F7sbt Kittens


Born 08/01/2022



Diamantra x Zulu F7sbt Kittens

All Kittens Reserved


Felix-F6sbt male out of 

Deva x Zulu



Photos taken December 31, 2018


Ryker-F7sbt male out of

Diamantra x Zulu 


Photos taken Jauuary 27, 2018


F7sbt litter out of Luna X Zulu

Born on September 17, 2018



Lukas F7sbt Black Smoke Male-Reserved

Marco F7sbt Black Smoke Male- Reserved


Photos taken November 14, 2018


Nafari-F6c Savannah Male

2 Years Old


Raquel-F6sbt Savannah Female

Born May 26, 2018



Photos taken August 7, 2018

Toro F6sbt Savannah

Born January 22, 2018


Photo taken April 2. 2018

Romeo and Juliet F6sbt Savannah 

Born July 7, 2017



Photos taken October 27,2017

Luna x Zulu F7sbt Kittens Born on November 23, 2017


Nolan F7sbt Male-Reserved

Neika F7sbt Female-Reserved

Micah F7sbt Male-Reserved

Mosher F7sbt Male-Reserved


Photos taken December 10, 2017



What does your Savannah kitten come with?

When your new Savannah kitten comes home to you, he/she will come with a spay/neuter contract, age appropriate vaccinations and will be dewormed.

Your kitten will come to you with vaccination/medical records, a health certificate from our registered vet, official registration certificate from TICA (The International Cat Association) certifying that your kitten is a purebred Savannah, and a health guarantee.

To be added to our waiting list, please
Contact Us or call (315) 200-2812

A 50% deposit is required to reserve a kitten.  Deposits are non-refundable.  Kittens are ready to go to their new homes when they are between 10-14 weeks of age.





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